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IRS e-file Application
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e-file Application Submission & Completion Page

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After you have completed the required pages in the IRS e-file Application, your application is ready to be submitted.

Enter your e-Services Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the Application Submission and Completion page. This PIN is the one you selected during e-Services Registration (for more information on selecting or changing your e-Services PIN, see How Do I Register?.


Once a correctly completed IRS e-file Application is submitted, an acknowledgment including a tracking number appears advising application processing will begin.

e-file Application Submission Complete Page

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Here's what will happen after you submit your IRS e-file Application:

  1. The identification records you provided will be checked against IRS databases to make sure that they are complete and correct.
  2. The tax compliance history of the firm, the Principals, and Responsible Officials will be checked as part of the Suitability analysis.
  3. A credit check may be performed as part of the Suitability analysis.
  4. If a fingerprint check is necessary for your firm's Principals and Responsible Officials, fingerprint cards will be forwarded to the FBI for criminal history check.
If all the suitability and identification checks pass, your firm will be issued the following via U.S. mail:
  • For all Authorized IRS e-file Providers, an Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN), will be issued.
  • For firms applying for a status of Transmitter or Software Developer, an Electronic Transmitter Identification Number (ETIN) will be issued. 
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Helpful Hint

After you submit your application, you may check on the status of the IRS processing through e-Services. For more information on staying up-to-date, see Check the Status of Your Application. You may also modify your e-file Application data after you have received your EFIN or ETIN.

Principals, Responsible Officials, and Delegated Users may also update or modify an application. For more information on updating an application, see Update Your Application.